Evaluation that Transforms Communities

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  • Evaluation planning
  • Longitudinal research design
  • Instrument design (qualitative and quantitative)
  • Database development


  • Data monitoring
  • Data cleaning
  • Focus group facilitation, interviews
  • Data analysis, including hierarchical linear modeling
  • Synthesis of quantitative and qualitative data


  • Biannual reporting of student progress
  • Longitudinal reporting of progress for first three student cohorts
  • Publication of long-term results in peer reviewed, academic journal


  • Capacity building to better understand and use data
  • Using data to improve the Words Work!™ program
  • Evaluation plan refinement

Words Work!™ is a literacy expansion for Head Start, combining integrated, literacy-rich instruction for Head Start students, expanded information and resources for parents to support literacy development at home, and enhanced professional development for literacy activities to Head Start teachers. The goal of the Words Work! ™ program is to better prepare diverse students to become better learners in school.

Project Dates: 1999 to 2010