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The Dakota County Public Health Department received funding from the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) to implement the Statewide Health Improvement Partnership (SHIP). Dakota County was awarded funding starting in 2013. SHIP funding is managed by the Health Promotions Department and focuses on leveraging community assets and partnerships to address active living, healthy eating, and commercial tobacco-free living. The programs being implemented are largely evidenced-based and community led, often working in worksites, health care facilities, schools, parks, and multi-unit housing. ACET’s work with Dakota County is centered on tracking inputs, outputs, and outcomes of the various activities being implemented.

Project Dates: 2013 to Present


  • Collaborate with staff to engage in quality assurance activities
  • Participate in debriefing and planning meetings with staff to discuss improvement activities


  • Logic model and measurement plan development
  • Sustainability checklist design
  • Observation rubric, implementation checklists, and interview scripts


  • Review evaluation data collected by SHIP staff and partners
  • Prepare annual evaluation report and brief
  • Assist in MDH required evaluation data reporting