• Literature review and background research
  • Focus group script development
  • Develop media campaign evaluation toolkit


  • Evaluate focus group findings
  • Review campaign materials
  • Evaluate campaign pilot efforts

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  • Theme and code responses
  • Write graphic heavy report for use with wide audience, including media consultant
  • Report media campaign findings


  • Pilot two focus groups and subsequent debrief with staff
  • Ongoing meetings throughout project to ensure communication and continued progress towards goals

Lifesource, a nonprofit organization dedicated to saving lives through organ donation, received funding from the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) to perform community outreach and develop a media campaign to American Indians living in the metro area. The project included reviewing current literature available surrounding organ donation perspectives in the American Indian community and conducting focus groups with community members to understand traditional beliefs, cultural perceptions, and practical barriers for the American Indian community with regards to organ donation.

Project Dates: 2016 - Present

Evaluation that Transforms Communities

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