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  • Develop initiative-wide and RCO specific logic models and evaluation data collection plan
  • Identify online database options
  • Design/assist with comprehensive Community Readiness Assessment
  • Develop/refine evaluation instruments


  • Provide on-going technical assistance related to evaluation efforts and reporting, data collection, and online database use
  • Build evaluation capacity through trainings and webinars


  • Review quarterly reports with ADAD
  • Review and synthesize data collected
  • Prepare annual report for each RCO and initiative-wide


  • Evaluate RCO initiative as a whole with ADAD

The Recovery Community Organizations (RCO) initiative is designed to increase the frequency and quality of long-term recovery from addiction through the development of peer-based recovery support services including recruiting, training, and supervising volunteers to provide weekly telephone support check-ins and/or weekly one-to-one peer coaching for recoverees, hosting recovery celebrations and events, developing and documenting community recovery resources, providing individual and systemic advocacy and maximizing volunteer opportunities for community service.

RCO is funded by the Department of Human Service’s Alcohol and Drug Abuse Division (ADAD).

Project Dates: 2014 to Present

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