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Transitions Action Project Opportunity

The purpose of this project is to identify what tools and resources are needed in Minnesota to support local level Kindergarten transition planning and facilitate the adaption and creation of Minnesota specific transition planning resources. Many states have  developed different a resources to guide successful transitions. This project will include the use of two publicly available state  resources from Maine (ME) and Colorado (CO). Existing or newly formed transition teams will agree to utilize those resources, along  with the teams existing planning materials, and share feedback about the effectiveness to address local needs. The data collected  from this project will guide the development of transition planning tools for Minnesota. 

Transition Planning Teams

Existing or newly formed transition teams may participate and must include at least one representative from each of the  following: Head Start, community child care/family child care, school-based prekindergarten (e.g., VPK, SRP),  Kindergarten/elementary school, community partner(s). Including families is also highly encouraged. Transition teams who are  selected to participate will represent diverse communities throughout the state, including Tribal Nations. Teams should select one Team Lead to complete the application and lead the

coordination of any external meetings.

Role and Responsibilities 

Teams are expected to:  

• Attend regular meetings (local and state level).  

• Communicate with team members.  

• Utilize ME and/or CO resources to inform and guide existing or new transition planning for the 2023 school year. 
• Record impressions of and experience with ME and CO resources to share at meetings.  

• Respond to Transition Action Project surveys.  

• Share ideas on how to adapt resources to support MN needs.  

• Share ideas on resource gaps.  

• If necessary, review newly developed resources.  

• Be open to sharing team successes and challenges at an ELS Open Office Hour or Early Learning Summit. 


Project Partners

Transition Planning Teams will work closely with an external contractor throughout this project and the Minnesota Department of  Education’s Division of Early Learning Services (ELS). ELS project leads and the external contractor will coordinate and facilitate  meetings, collect and analyze transition planning team feedback, and develop Minnesota specific resources.  


  Application deadline: Round 2 applications are due October 15th

Applications for Round 1 closed on September 15th

• Start date: end of September.

• Fall: Transition Planning Teams convene and begin using ME and CO transition resources. Attend monthly meetings and  complete surveys. 
• Winter: Teams continue to use resources and attend monthly meetings. As Minnesota resources are created teams may be  asked for feedback. 
• Spring: Teams continue to use transition planning resources, attend monthly meetings and provide feedback on resources.
• June 2023: Project complete


Team Leads are eligible to receive a $500 honorarium and additional team members who meet participation expectations are  eligible to receive a $250 honorarium at the completion of the project. (SWIFT Vendor number required. MDE staff will support individuals through this simple process if needed.) 

Team leads can complete the simple Transition Planning Team Application*! (*One application per team)

Not sure? Email questions to: Olivia Christensen Early Childhood Specialist at

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