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Transitions Action Project Opportunity

The purpose of this project is to identify what tools and resources are needed in Minnesota to support local level Kindergarten transition planning and facilitate the adaption and creation of Minnesota specific transition planning resources. Many states have  developed different a resources to guide successful transitions. This project will include the use of two publicly available state  resources from Maine (ME) and Colorado (CO). Existing or newly formed transition teams will agree to utilize those resources, along  with the teams existing planning materials, and share feedback about the effectiveness to address local needs. The data collected  from this project will guide the development of transition planning tools for Minnesota. 

Recruiting Now! 

Cross-Site Virtual Transition Team

Who: Members of the early childhood/childcare community (i.e., FFN - Family, Friend and Neighbor Providers, Family Childcare Providers, Childcare Professional (coaches/trainers), Family Childcare Centers) who are from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, as well as Kindergarten teachers and paraprofessionals from similar backgrounds.


  • Upon completion of the project team members will be awarded a $250 honorarium. 

Project Duration: 

  • December 2022 to May 2023 (see project activities below).  

Project Commitment and Activities: 

  • Meet monthly, using Zoom, with the ACET team to participate in audio recorded discussions,  

  • Review provided materials prior to meetings, and 

  • Complete brief surveys related to identified transition tools.

Role and Responsibilities 

Cross-Site Virtual Transition Team Members will…

  • Review transition materials, identified by site-based teams, from the lens of culturally and linguistically diverse service providers and families; 

  • Participate in facilitated discussions regarding high need areas to support

  • Share success stories, experiences, and tools that benefit the culturally and linguistically diverse student and families communities they work with; 

  • Lessons learned from approaches that were not effective in reaching, engaging, and supporting culturally and linguistically diverse student and families communities.

Project Partners

Transition Planning Teams will work closely with an external contractor throughout this project and the Minnesota Department of  Education’s Division of Early Learning Services (ELS). ELS project leads and the external contractor will coordinate and facilitate  meetings, collect and analyze transition planning team feedback, and develop Minnesota specific resources.  


  Application deadline: December 31st


Team members who meet participation expectations are eligible to receive a $250 honorarium at the completion of the project. 


Team leads can complete the simple Cross-site Virtual Kindergarten Transition Team Application*! (*One application per person)

Not sure? Email questions to: DeResha Vaughan Operations Coordinator at

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