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ACET Staff Highlights: DeResha Vaughan

DeResha Vaughan is ACET’s Planning & Research Coordinator. She started with ACET in July 2022. DeResha is the project lead for Minnesota Department of Education Early Learning Services, Transition Action Project. She and her team collaborate with local educators to create a kindergarten transition tool kit for Minnesota. The project is funded by the U.S.Department of Human Services Preschool Development Grant.

The Minnesota Department of Education’s Division of Early Learning (MDE ELS) supports schools, communities and districts to implement inclusive and comprehensive prenatal through grade three systems aligned with World’s Best Workforce (WBF). WBF ensures that school districts and charter schools in Minnesota enhance student achievement through teaching and learning supports.The project's vision is that all Minnesota children are prepared for kindergarten and lifelong learning.

DeResha says that “ACET is collaborating with MDE ELS to create a locally and culturally informed kindergarten Minnesota tool kit for local teams to provide a smooth transition from pre-k, head start, or early childhood services into kindergarten. It’s a very important and valuable project changing the perception from school readiness to community stakeholders being ready to support successful learners.” DeResha and her team are hosting listening sessions with the transition teams’ leads, a cross-site team, and engaging with the core leadership team with MDE. She has enjoyed adapting and creating tools with her ACET team, and shared “I love that I’m involved in making a difference in the lives of students, schools, educators, and families, by creating a tool kit to be used for years to come.”

Thank you to DeResha, her team, and MDE for helping to ensure a smooth transition into kindergarten for all Minnesota students.

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