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Assessing Your Community Readiness

How are you measuring your community readiness for your program?

One model ACET often uses is the Community Readiness Model (CRM), and we have worked with this assessment for years. Recently, we finished a CRM assessment on a sensitive project involving human trafficking. ACET asked Meghan Adams, Research Associate Junior, about the CRM and its impact.

ACET: Why engage in a community readiness assessment?

Meghan Adams: It’s an essential component of preplanning. A community readiness assessment generates a bigger impact. The results give an organization the opportunity for an intervention to evolve as the community engages in it.

ACET: What aspects of the CRM worked well for this project?

Meghan Adams: The CRM is set up to include the project’s leadership to determine the issue to examine with the community and help identify key people to be interviewed. The CRM incorporates culturally appropriate strategies at every step, and it’s been used in 3,000 diverse communities and more than 30 countries.

ACET: How can an organization use the results?

Meghan Adams: You can save money, time, and energy in identifying the specifics of your intervention and how the community will receive the intervention. The CRM is even more important if you have a limited budget or a limited capacity to do a project since the CRM gives a clear understanding about the community’s readiness.

If you’re interested in having ACET tailor a community readiness assessment for your organization, please contact us at info@acetinc.com. We offer a free initial consultation!

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