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Looking for Resources to Improve Care Coordination?

Check out the Minnesota Pediatric Care Coordination Community of Practice!

Care coordinators of children and youth with special needs throughout the state of Minnesota can find many events, most of them for free. Currently, care coordinator regional meetings are going on throughout the state. Those interested in these events can register to be a free member:

Care coordinator events so far have included:

● Navigating child care for children with special needs

● Suicide ideation and assessing risk: saving Minnesota’s youth

● Brainstorming to stay afloat during the COVID-19 pandemic

● Services and supports for children and youth with disabilities in Minnesota

● Improving care coordination for transgender and gender diverse children and youth

You can access any of these past events through the Minnesota statewide Pediatric Care Coordination: Community of Practice website and also learn about upcoming events.

The free website also includes resources, a forum, a directory, and open funding opportunities.

The events and website are for care coordinators, care navigators, health coaches at primary clinics, care coordinators at specialty care clinics, school nurses, public health nurses, case managers (county, nonprofit, school, etc.), social workers, waiver case managers. It’s for anyone providing care coordination activities and wanting to network with others.

When you log in after you register, you’re added to the website forum where you can network and share information. Visit the website today and find helpful events to improve care coordination:

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