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Communicating with a Variety of Audiences

Communicate effectively with each audience.

Every evaluation involves working with a number of audiences. Communicating effectively with each audience is a key factor in creating a successful evaluation. Consider these 3 hot tips:

1. Identify your main audiences and what they care about. Determine two to three main audiences, such as your funder, grantees, and a general audience. Get to know each audience. Show them you’re interested in them and discover what they care about.

2. Create compelling, consistent messages. Audiences often have different agendas and emphases. Develop messages that address their concerns and hopes. Although you want to tailor your messages to each audience, you also want to create compelling, consistent messages as well.

3. Use key points and key stories in your messages. Avoid presenting too many points at once. Tell stories that relate to your audience’s work and concerns.

“Create messages and strategies that help people make decisions and take action,” says the World Health Organization.[1] When audiences are engaged and clear about your purpose and goals, they’ll collaborate with you more in your evaluation.

If you’re interested in having ACET work with you to communicate with a variety of audiences, please contact us at We offer a free initial consultation!

[1] World Health Organization (WHO). (2017.) WHO Strategic Communications Framework for Effective Communications, page 11.

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