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Finding Funding for Your Organization

Financial sustainability is one of the keys to a healthy organization. However, the global pandemic has stretched the financial resources of organizations and made funding more difficult to find, especially for underserved organizations and communities. We at ACET identify current funding sources that organizations can apply to so that organizations can create long-term sustainability. Consider:

  1. Looking at open funding sources. ACET publishes a web-based grant alert tool that’s constantly being updated in real time. We post hundreds of open funding sources from foundations; city, county, state, Tribal, federal agencies; and other funding sources for nonprofit organizations, healthcare facilities, Pk-12 schools, higher education institutions, and community councils and groups. Consider these tips for getting the most from this tool.

  2. Using a grant-writing checklist. Applying for grants entails tracking a lot of detailed information and making a compelling case for why your organization should be funded. The grant-writing checklist provides key tasks for grant writing.

  3. Diversifying funds. How can you diversify your funding sources? Financial vitality entails having a mix of funding sources so that you don’t become too dependent on a single source (or a single type) of funding.

  4. Exploring federal funding. Receiving federal funding can greatly enhance the financial viability of your organization. However, securing these funds can be time-consuming and challenging. is an important federal resource, and this document full of tips suggests effective ways to apply for federal funding.

If you’re applying for funding that requires an evaluation component, we’d love to be your evaluator. Contact us at We offer a free initial consultation!

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