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Meet Barbara Tan

ACET, Inc., is excited to welcome Barbara Tan, who started with ACET August 2022 as a

Data Coordinator. Barbara’s focus is in quantitative and qualitative data analysis and survey creation and distribution. Additionally, with her background in public health research, she gives ACET a specialist in disparities in healthcare. "ACET uses culturally tailored evaluation and research which is exciting to me because I get to incorporate my skills to better understand and help the community around me.”

Barbara has a Bachelor of Science dual majors degree in Biology, Health, and Society and Psychology. “I have always enjoyed science and have a natural interest and curiosity in learning more about it. Psychology complimented my Biology major and provided a different perspective, leading to a better understanding of human beings.” She is currently volunteering at a local hospital in the emergency department, interacting with patients and assisting nurses with a variety of tasks. Being from an immigrant family, she is passionate about helping non-English speaking community members learn English and has previously volunteered to teach English as a second language in Cambodia and the Detroit area.

Barbara has lived in Minnesota her whole life, with the exception of going away to college at the University of Michigan. “I am enjoying being back home having been away for 4 years, reconnecting with friends and family.” Barbara was on her high school swimming team and continues swimming in her spare time. She also enjoys traveling to new places and trying local cuisines. Barbara also considers herself a “Swiftie,” loving all things Taylor Swift.

Welcome to ACET, Barbara. We are thrilled you’re with us!

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