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Meet Charles Rivers

ACET, Inc., is excited to introduce Charles Rivers as the Program Support Coordinator and Facilitator. Charles holds a bachelor’s degree in Applied Ethics and is currently pursuing a graduate degree in Human Resource Development. From his previous work in higher education and healthcare, Charles brings invaluable experience in building organizational capacity for cultural competency and directly engaging with underserved communities and youth.

After the death of George Floyd, Charles was inspired to leave his position as an accountant and use his skills to help improve the lives of others. Fueled by his interest in philosophy, Charles is passionate about understanding other people’s perspectives. As he describes, “being enlightened by something I’ve seen, and then having it change my outlook on life is one of the most precious things for me.”

Charles is excited about his work at ACET, Inc., as he is actively gathering people’s viewpoints and using their experiences to help organizations better meet their needs. He especially enjoys working with youth, helping them develop their voice and autonomy when their perspectives tend to be taken for granted. He has already begun implementing new data collection methods to better engage youth in ACET projects!

In his free time, Charles enjoys anything science fiction or fantasy, including books, movies,

and games. He has a passion for writing, and one day hopes to write his own novel.

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