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Meet Conor Hanson

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

ACET, Inc. is excited to welcome Conor Hanson, who came on board as Research and Data Assistant in September 2022. He specializes in data analysis, visualization, and storytelling using the Python programming language. “I am excited about bringing my skills to ACET’s collaborative partnerships in supporting our client's goals, especially those that seek to improve the lives of historically underserved communities.”

Conor has a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy and a Certificate in Data Analysis and Visualization. He studied Philosophy as pastoral/ministry training and to learn to engage critically and thoughtfully with ideas about the world which impact our everyday lives. Conor advocates for sexual and spiritual abuse victims in church contexts, and also has experience as a former volunteer at a Wisconsin homeless shelter. He previously was a stay at home father to his young daughter. “I am forever grateful for the time spent with my daughter. However, I wanted to further my own skills and development by entering the data science field. ACET was a perfect fit.”

He is a recent Minnesota transplant, moving from Wisconsin to be closer to family. “We wanted our daughter to be closer to her grandparents, and to be in the heart of a big city. Now that we are here, we love traveling to the north shore and exploring the beauty of the shoreline.” Conor can be found reading fiction and non-fiction books, tinkering with a car, and exploring the delicacies of the Twin Cities, especially cuisine not normally found in the midwest.

ACET is excited you are joining our team. Welcome Conor!

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