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Meet Meghan Adams

Meghan conducts an evaluation in Uganda.

Meghan Adams, MPH, is our newest Research Assistant who joined ACET in November. “I’m interested in public health because you can make a difference on a community level,” she says. “These are interventions that can change the direction of a community.”

In the summer of 2017, Meghan worked in public health in Kabale, Uganda, with the aim of improving health and health access of malnourished children. She helped to evaluate a pilot program using rabbits to help sustain the local economy and combat malnutrition in families. “A lot of magic can happen in low-resource situations,” she says. “There are many, many ways to approach a problem.”

Meghan completed a Bachelor of Science undergraduate degree in Public Health at St. Catherine University in St. Paul. Her degree included a concentration in public policy and a minor in psychology. With her master’s program in Public Health at St. Catherine’s, Meghan focused on Global and Refugee Health with a concentration in Women and Children’s Nutrition. During her time in graduate school, Meghan especially enjoyed ethics classes, data collection, and the impact on the community.

Meghan admires ACET’s evaluation work that’s rooted in the community. “ACET emphasizes telling the client’s story through evaluation instead of the evaluation telling our story,” she says. Meghan enjoys working on evaluations where you keep the data with the community you’re evaluating, you work with the community to take ownership of their outcomes, and you help them with their goals instead of doing it for them. “You give power to the program, to the people, to the community,” she says.

ACET extends a warm welcome to Meghan! We’re delighted that you’re part of our team.

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