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Meet Nichole Henger, M.P.A.

ACET, Inc., is excited to welcome Nichole (Nikki) Henger, our new Research Program Services Specialist. She started with ACET in November 2022. Nikki brings her experience in strategic and sustainability planning and program management to ACET, Inc, within the environmental field. “It’s exciting to use my skill set to work with different clients and bring a different perspective to ACET.”

Nikki has a Masters of Public Administration (M.P.A), Master of Science in Forestry and Natural Resources Management, and a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Biology. “I have always had a strong interest in protecting the environment and becoming a better steward, which is why I chose my field of studies. I pursued public administration because in order to implement scientific research, you need to understand how organizations and state entities function and how to communicate important findings to a broad audience.” Nikki was attracted to ACET because the company values sustainability and cultural engagement. “I have always been involved with environmental sustainability, but ACET has shown me ways of approaching sustainability within an organizational landscape.”

She is on the board of The Minnesota Women’s Woodlands Network, using her knowledge in crafting newsletters, and event and strategic board planning. Nikki also currently volunteers at Twin Cities Big Brothers Big Sisters where she has a little sister. “I really enjoy exploring Minnesota with my little sister and getting to see the cities through her eyes, all while watching her bloom and grow.”

Nikki grew up in Ohio, but had the unique experience of spending frequent summers in Japan when she was younger to visit her mother’s family. “Visiting Japan gave me an opportunity to look at two very different cultures and how those differences impact day to day experiences.” She moved to the Twin Cities in 2019 with her partner and two cats and “fell in love with everything the cities offered, especially the many outdoor activities, like backpacking, kayaking, and exploring a few of the 10,000 lakes in Minnesota.” She even enjoys the Minnesota winters and went winter camping for the first time last year, saying that “waking up in the morning, opening up the tent, and seeing fresh snow was a beautiful experience. However, the best part of winter camping, unlike camping in other seasons of the year, is that there are no bugs!”

Welcome to ACET, Nikki. We are thrilled you’re with us!

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