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Responsive and Culturally Tailored Evaluation During COVID-19

At ACET, we are adaptive and responsive to new contexts, and with the pandemic, this is a new context. ACET’s physical doors are now virtual and wide open—full time. While working from home, we continue to adapt our effective strategies to fit clients’ individual needs for high-quality evaluation and consulting.

These are not normal times, and the uncertainty and anxiety caused by COVID-19 can be difficult. But we are here for you. Our strategies continue to evolve as the situation with this pandemic changes. Despite the challenges we now all face, your work makes a difference:

1. Please know that when you work with ACET, you’re working with small business that’s woman- and minority-owned. We are a small company that makes a big impact, which results in program improvement for you, your community, and your stakeholders.

2. We value each relationship. We’re here for you, just like we’re here for each other as a staff. We check in every day as a staff, and we’re also checking in with you—to make sure you’re safe, healthy, finding your way through all of this, and keeping your programs effective and going.

3. We continue to draw on our expertise to move forward during these times. We know the important balance of showing that your work makes a difference not only for your program but also for your funding sources and your clients.

We’re adapting to what clients need now and their preparation for future programming and services. Thank you for connecting with us. We are here for you.

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