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Creating a Successful Small Business

Over the past two decades, I’ve learned a lot about organizational development, and I’m constantly learning. What makes an organization successful? What can we learn from past experiences and current input?

I believe organizations need to examine this topic both internally and externally. How can organizations grow from these experiences?

As a President of a small firm, here are my lessons learned:

1. The need to have a strategic plan and strong mission. The plan needs to include input internally and externally and from diverse stakeholders, not just those close to your organization.

2. A full team that supports the mission. Front-line staff face challenges and so do supervisors. What are some ways to embrace those differences to advance the mission of the organization?

3. Promotion of teamwork and hard work. Inequity in the workplace creates stress. Everyone has a role and can do different things for the organization. How can promotion be emphasized to develop stronger teams among all employees, even if position titles and roles differ? Don’t ignore the little things that make a difference, such as gratitude, small gifts, and apologies.

Reciprocal exchanges among employees and supervisors are essential for all three of these lessons. Exchanges and check-ins should go both ways. Ask how each other is doing. Connect with each other to build a successful work environment that brings out the best in your clients—and also in your staff.

Stella SiWan Zimmerman


ACET, Inc.

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