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Why Evaluate?

If you want to discover what’s working, evaluate. If you want to identify what can be improved, evaluate. If you want to show impact, evaluate.

Evaluation is about finding out what’s happening in your program and comparing that with your program’s goals and objectives.

The benefits of an effective evaluation include:

1. Understanding and meeting the needs of your program participants and the community you serve. An evaluation helps you understand who needs the program, what the needs are, and effective ways to meet those needs.

2. Increasing your program’s effectiveness. Which outcomes are you trying to achieve? By when? A well-planned evaluation explores the strengths and challenges of various aspects of your program. An evaluation provides recommendations on how to improve your program.

3. Making the case for funding. An effective evaluation shows donors and funders how your program makes a difference and how it has impact. Many organizations use evaluation results to increase their funding.

An effective evaluation helps you understand what works and why and makes recommendations on how to make your program even better. If you’re looking for an evaluator, please contact ACET at We offer a free initial consultation!

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