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Vision Statement

We nurture partnerships with clients and their communities to collaboratively develop and sustain the futures they imagine.

Mission Statement

ACET helps organizations imagine and create solutions to document and understand progress, more effectively deliver on goals, and plan for lasting impact.


  • Cultural engagement: We center our work on the cultural knowledge, values, and experiences of those we work with.

  • Dedication: We care deeply for each other and are committed to identifying next steps and finding solutions.

  • Listening: We listen to understand different perspectives, experiences, and needs to strengthen relationships. 

  • Collaboration: We cultivate a safe envir­­­onment to authentically engage in ways that celebrate and leverage strengths as well as embrace differences.

  • Responsiveness: We navigate our work with grace and care, pivoting based on what we learn.

  • Sustainability: We develop systems to support long-term, sustainable change that creates lasting impact.

Culturally Tailored

ACET honors and integrates the cultural knowledge, values, and experiences of our clients and the communities they serve.

  • We listen closely and facilitate meaningful conversations where everyone has the space to be heard and respected

  • We bridge connections across differences by respecting cultures, nurturing relationships, and deepening trust

  • We innovate together through evidence-based, responsive services


We do this work to help our clients and their communities create and sustain the futures they imagine.

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