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Meet Miranda Utz

Miranda joined ACET in December 2023 as the Business Assistant, a role that straddles two main functions: supporting both internal business processes and external projects. Internally, Miranda works closely with her ACET colleagues in Finance, Human Resources, Information Technology, and the Leadership Team. She says she’s enjoyed jumping right in and learning about the various components that make ACET successful, while helping to implement strategies to enhance business functions. One of her first tasks was re-organizing the physical office space to facilitate more staff returning to the office. 

A second piece of Miranda’s role is supporting ACET’s projects. In this role, she works across ACET’s portfolios Outcome Measurement, Collaborative Design, Community-Based Engagement, and Events, Training, and Technical Assistance, to support Project Leads and other staff. Her work involves support to coordinate timelines with clients, taking notes during meetings, or providing other organizational and administrative assistance. “I love that my role is so diverse, it feels like I’m constantly keeping things fresh and learning more every day,” she says. 

Miranda says her background in guest services and office management prepared her well for her role at ACET. She’s worked in the service industry in both service and management roles, and among other positions has also been an office manager for an insurance agency. Outside of work, she’s a mother of six and a grandmother of one. “Inside and outside of work, my common thread has been helping people and ensuring that operations run smoothly,” she says. 

Miranda says she feels that she’s landed in just the right spot at ACET. “I’ve always wanted to get more into the type of career that’s really helping people,” she says. “ACET has enabled me to start doing that, with everything that ACET does for the communities it works with. It’s been wonderful to learn just how much ACET helps improve people’s lives.”

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