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The ACET Team

ACET is a woman- and minority-owned small business enterprise based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Our staff have extensive experience in conducting high-quality research and evaluation in a variety of settings.


See the bios below to learn more about each ACET team member.

Stella SiWan Zimmerman

President, Founder,
Chief Executive Officer

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Stella’s specialty in culturally tailored evaluation projects has continued to grow with ACET during her 25-year career as president of ACET, Inc. She has a M.S. in Policy Analysis and Program Evaluation.

Kamarrie Coleman

Portfolio Manager

Elisa Rucker

Portfolio Manager

Ashley Kitchen

Senior Evaluation Specialist,

Quality Improvement Lead

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Kamarrie’s extensive experience includes working with culturally and linguistically diverse PK-16 educational institutions. She earned a Ph.D. in English as a Second Language Curriculum and Instruction.


Elisa has worked in management for over 25 years with proven customer service, application of data-driven strategies, quality compliance, and project management experience. She has a B.A. in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance.

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Ashley’s experience in collaborations with Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) communities strengthens ACET’s high-quality qualitative research. She has a Ph.D. in Politics and International Relations.

Rachel Engh

Senior Evaluation Specialist,

 Cross-sector Lead

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Rachel’s specialty in designing participatory and equitable mixed-methods evaluation approaches, helps clients understand and communicate impact. She has a M.A. in Urban and Regional Planning.

Charles Rivers

Community-Based Engagement Specialist


Charles’ expertise lies in supporting organizations with their Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion journeys, as well as Consulting and Facilitation. He holds a M.A. in Human Resource Development and a B.A. in Applied Ethics and Anthropology.

Megan Pinkowski

Event Training and Technical Assistance (ETA) Specialist

Mick Alvarez Flores

Senior Graphic Design


Megan has a background in project implementation and new client support, as well as customer relations support for B2B and B2C channels.She has a B.A. in global business and a minor in psychology.

Screen Shot 2022-06-20 at 8.46.52 AM.png

Mick’s background in graphic design and illustration, brings their expertise in digital and print media, visualizing and creating graphics, illustrations, logos, layouts and photos. They has a B.A. in Graphic Design.

Will Hopkins

Data Coordinator

Barbara Tan

Data Coordinator

Conor Hanson

Data & Information Systems Coordinator

Merone Eshetu
Project Coordinator
Screen Shot 2022-06-20 at 8.47.25 AM.png

Will’s experience in data collection, analysis, quality improvement, and presentation is beneficial to a variety of ACET projects. He holds a B.A. in Urban Studies. 

Barbara 2.png

Barbara specializes in research and statistics, particularly in academic and healthcare settings, to support data analysis and collection. She has a B.S. in Biology and Psychology with a minor in Spanish.


Conor specializes in data analysis using multiple programming languages to tell meaningful stories with data. He holds a B.A. in Philosophy and a certificate in Data Analysis & Visualization.


Merone brings experience in public health and health equity, research, youth education, and community engagement.  She has a B.A. in Public Health Studies with a focus in mental health. 

Emily Serkaian

Finance & Human Resource Coordinator

Bree Zimmerman

Project Assistant

Alessandra Rader

Project  Assistant

Miranda Utz



Screen Shot 2023-05-31 at 10.29.46 AM.png

Emily specializes in human resource administration, financial management, and organizational development. She earned a M.S. in Industrial and Organizational Psychology and a B.A. in both Economics and Management, and Psychology.

Screen Shot 2022-06-20 at 8.44.43 AM.png

Bree specializes in facilitating and planning meetings, health and wellness events, with a focus on accessibility and disability services. She has a A.A. in Liberal Arts with an emphasis in Human Services.


Alessandra brings experience with tracking information and communicating with a wide variety of stakeholders from the general public to congressional staff in previous positions. She has a B.A. in Anthropology and a minor in Spanish Studies.


Miranda brings experience in office settings to enhance business functions. She also has a strong background in guest services and guest relations to help teams connect with communities.

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