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Program Evaluation

The ACET team creates culturally tailored evaluation plans from our experience with baseline evaluation, formative evaluation, process evaluation, and impact evaluation.

Community Needs Assessments

ACET conducts community needs and readiness assessments to address the strengths, gaps, and priorities within the community to gain insight into informing effective program development.


ACET provides a wide range of training from training multi-sector groups to training about specific topics, such as focus-group training, data analysis, and using assessments.

Technical Assistance

The ACET team offers technical assistance (TA) to grantees and organizations to ensure that evaluations meet the rigor and benchmarks set by the funder.

Capacity Building

ACET helps organizations and grantees to set up systems to build internal capacity to develop logic models and evaluation plans along with guidance in evaluation implementation.



ACET leads group facilitation, emphasizing a cooperative process with positive interaction, relationship building, understanding differences, and working together to find common ground.


ACET coordinates meetings, convenings, and conferences that are engaging, interactive, and successful. ACET works closely with clients to implement their vision, planning, and logistics and specializes in both virtual and in-person convenings.

Community Engagement

The ACET team has experience in engaging the community in empowering ways through conversations, relationship building, and developing trust.


From communication plans to dissemination plans and from social-media campaigns to various ways to report on findings, ACET provides many communications services.

Database Management

We at ACET help organizations assess the data they have, set up systems to make data more accessible, and create a consistent way for various staff to interact with data.

Business Procedures

ACET helps you identify the business procedures you need, gather information, draft procedures, seek out feedback, and finalize procedures with key stakeholders.

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