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Humility as a Vehicle to Innovate

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

As evaluators, we work to ensure our evaluations address stakeholder needs. This often requires challenging our set of assumptions in our evaluation toolbox. At the American Evaluation Association (AEA) national conference in Minneapolis in November 2019, ACET created a poster on Humility as a Vehicle to Innovate for the AEA poster session.

Why is this important in evaluation?

1. Not all projects require the same vehicle to get there, and it might not be linear. But we must find the appropriate path to innovate.

2. Navigating through different areas, perspectives, or ideas can provide a complete view to guide innovation.

3. In order to develop models that will work, tools often need to be tailored and innovative. The challenge of revising tools as an outside evaluator is addressed by bringing sufficient humility to explore novel and innovative methods.

“We need to practice an openness to tailor the evaluation approach to what clients need so that they can be successful in reaching their goals for the program,” says ACET President, Stella SiWan Zimmerman, one of the coauthors. “As an evaluator, I am excited to go on this journey with our client.”

If you’re interested in having ACET help you with an innovative evaluation with a humility approach, please contact us at We offer a free initial consultation!

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