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Meet Maggi Seybold

ACET, Inc., is excited to welcome Maggi Seybold, who joined ACET this summer as the Assistant to Project Teams. Maggi has a master’s degree in Physician Assistant Studies and brings more than 10 years of experience as a Physician Assistant where she worked in both a hospital setting and an outpatient clinic.

Born and raised in Ohio, and after living and working in Maryland, Maggi moved to Minneapolis with her husband where she worked at Augsburg College as Director of Clinical Education overseeing the physician assistant students. She brings her vast medical knowledge and training to ACET.

At ACET, Maggi assists on projects, provides research for proposals, edits reports and other deliverables, and manages payroll and invoicing. Maggi says, “I really like that, because I learn a lot about all the different projects, and I get to see firsthand the results our clients are receiving from ACET.”

Maggi also appreciates being a part of the team at ACET and has felt warmly welcomed by all of the staff. “It helps to make you feel that the work you are doing is meaningful, and it creates a very supportive working environment,” she says.

When Maggi isn’t working at ACET, she enjoys the creativity of her side job at a local children’s boutique in Chaska, where she works tying hair bows with other moms. “I really like doing crafts, producing something, and helping a small business,” she says.

Maggi also cherishes the time where she can be active. She is a big runner who has competed in marathons, spends the warm months hiking and boating with her family, and loves cooking a good meal with her husband.

Happy to have you on the team, Maggi!

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