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Meet Carlos Gallego

ACET, Inc., is excited to feature Carlos Gallego! For more than 20 years, we have had the opportunity to work with Carlos. He brings his rich experience in community engagement and program development across diverse cultural communities. Carlos has worked on a number of projects at ACET to evaluate programs to improve health and wellness in tribal communities.

Carlos works at developing relationships and trust with our clients and the communities they serve. He strives to nurture welcoming environments for interviews and focus group participants so they feel comfortable sharing their experiences and knowledge. 

His mentors and training in grassroots community organizing have impacted his approach to evaluation. “I’ve had the honor to be taught by a lot of people,” Carlos says. He points to Makani Themba (formerly of The Praxis Project), Theresa Davis (African American Breast Cancer Alliance, Inc., and DHS) and his grandmother (the first female secretary of the Cali City Council, in Colombia) as mentors who taught him “what it means to be committed to a community.”

From his work on national campaigns focused on engaging Latino, African American, American Indian, and Asian American communities, to running a program for Hmong and Chicano/Latina girls and young women, Carlos understands the value of evaluation. “These organizations have already made the commitment to make a difference in the lives of people they’re serving,” Carlos says. “Evaluation lets them understand if they’re making that difference.”

Thank you, Carlos, for your commitment to ACET’s work and for being a long-term member of the team!

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