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Meet Carlos Gallego

ACET is delighted to have Carlos Gallego join the ACET team full time as our Senior Coordinator, Outreach and Cultural Connector after collaborating with ACET as a contract consultant for more than a decade. The depth and breadth of experience Carlos brings to ACET is rich and diverse. Carlos has been building cultural connections and developing relationships with underserved communities for more than 20 years. His passion and professional work align with ACET’s unique focus of providing culturally tailored assistance to diverse organizations.

Carlos brings a variety of perspectives to his engagement practices having worked as both a grant manager and a grantee. He understands what both sides of the equation are seeking in grant management and in having trusted, respectful technical assistance. He has worked extensively in the areas of tobacco cessation, BIIPOC (Black, Indigenous, Immigrant, People of Color), youth engagement, cancer prevention, local governance, and education.

Carlos prides himself as being a convener, bringing disenfranchised groups to the table, and actively hearing previously unheard voices. He most values ACET for being impactful and responsive in the way it assists organizations in reaching community groups. Carlos facilitates evaluation processes that help organizations better understand what they’re good at and what can be improved.

Carlos enjoys domestic and international travel. Montreal is his favorite city. He is a font of knowledge regarding small towns in Minnesota (having traveled extensively to foster connections with organizations around the state). He has a Master’s degree in Elementary Education and is a skilled Lead Sensei (coach) in Judo, competing locally and nationally.

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