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How Partnerships May Improve Your Program

At ACET, we evaluate many programs that involve partnerships as part of the funding requirements. Programs benefit greatly when partnerships are done well.

How? Consider:

1. Flexible partnerships can start small and grow. Partnerships may seem intimidating and overwhelming, but effective partnerships often start small and create flexible ways for partners to be involved. Overtime, these partnerships can grow and strengthen, which helps programs become more effective.

2. Strong partnerships reduce disparities. Addressing disparities often can be daunting for an organization to do alone. By creating a strong partnership with another organization (or the community), a program often can reduce disparities and change systems.

3. Strong partnerships improve outcomes. Afterschool programs that had strong partnerships between program leaders, teachers, and administrative staff often reported better student outcomes. When people work together toward a shared goal, outcomes can improve.

In developing and working with partnerships, create mutual understanding, respect, and trust. Deepen relationships so that individuals and organizations can be creative in helping the program expand and grow. Give partnerships time to see the many benefits that they bring.

See how to build partnerships virtually in our next blog.

If you’re interested in having ACET help you with effective partnerships, please contact us at We offer a free initial consultation!

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